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A black bear is seen in a still from the camera traps placed in Cathedral Provincial Park by Cole Burton's lab. (Photo: Cole Burton)

Photo: Cole Burton
The slowdown of human activity as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic has led to some surprising benefits for wildlife conservation. Can we keep them going after the danger has passed?

A male zebra finch examines material before deciding what to use to build his nest. (Photo: Alexis Breen)

Photo: Alexis Breen
Birds who grew up with an adult present are faster at building their nests

About two million hatchery trout are released into Nova Scotia rivers each year. (Photo: Nova Scotia Brook Trout Fishing Guide)

Photo: Nova Scotia Brook Trout Fishing Guide
Brook trout are the primary sport fish in the province
Rocky Mountain apollo butterfly

The Rocky Mountain apollo butterfly feeds on a specific type of succulent that grows in high alpine meadows. Climate models that factor in the insect and its food show that both are vulnerable to warming. (Photo: Alessandro Filazzola)

Photo: Alessandro Filazzola
Researchers modelling climate impacts on an alpine butterfly species found increased vulnerability when food sources are factored in

The invasive Asian giant hornet — dubbed the “murder hornet” — is roughly double the size of a yellow jacket. (Photos: Ministry of Agriculture/British Columbia)

Photos: Ministry of Agriculture/British Columbia
Honey bee experts say the hornets could quickly decimate a hive if they got inside
Tundra wolf fall colours

A single wolf can eat up to 29 caribou a year, putting vulnerable populations at risk. (Photo: Tim Haan/Can Geo Photo Club

Photo: Tim Haan/Can Geo Photo Club
A one-year pilot project is underway in an effort to protect threatened caribou populations in the territory, but some conservation groups say wolf culls miss the bigger picture

IKEA, a Tree Canada sponsor, provides volunteers at a tree planting event in spring 2019. (Photo: Tree Canada)

Photo: Tree Canada
Organizations say it’s too early to determine long-term effects
Boreal wetland Algonquin Provincial Park

Boreal peatlands are home to a wide range of species, including many nationally and globally rare plants and lichens. (Photo: Nina Stavlund/Can Geo Photo Club)

(Photo: Nina Stavlund/Can Geo Photo Club)
A huge part of Canada's northern geography, peatlands are critical to regulating our climate — and more

Illustration: Kerry Hodgson/Can Geo

Illustration: Kerry Hodgson/Can Geo
Writer Stephen Smith takes to Newfoundland’s shores in his quest to see the ‘capelin roll’ — the spawning spectacle of a tiny fish with a massive ecological, historical and cultural impact
a collage of wildlife photos including a polar bear, horse, gosling, cheetah, gorilla, loon, grizzly bear and fox

Watch a video of some of Michelle Valberg's best wildlife photos. (Photo: Michelle Valberg)

Photo: Michelle Valberg
Michelle Valberg, Photographer-In-Residence, compiles some of her favourite wildlife images to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day
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