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Two entomologist pose with their technical equipment and fossil insects

Dr. Stewart Peck (left) in his home office, with microscope always ready for close examination of specimens. (Photo: Jarmila Peck); Dr. Jarmila Peck with her world-class collection of fossil insects that she donated to the Canadian Museum of Nature. (Photo: Dan Smythe).

Photo: Jamila Peck; Dan Smythe
After 50-plus years of fieldwork and education, Drs. Stewart and Jarmila Peck will support the next generation of biodiversity researchers
Howe Sound: Erik Ringsmuth

A view of Howe Sound from the top of the Squamish Chief. (Photo: Erik Ringsmuth)

Howe Sound: Photo by Erik Ringsmuth
The 400-layer map will connect communities, celebrate culture and share data to protect the Howe Sound ecosystem
The USS Johnston shipwreck

USS Johnston 6,456 metres deep in the Philippine Trench. (Photo: Courtesy Caladan Oceanic)

Photo: Courtesy Caladan Oceanic
Royal Canadian Geographical Society Fellow Kelvin Murray recounts his role in the record-setting early 2021 expedition
University of Toronto old medical building

Le vieil immeuble médical, qui a ouvert ses portes en 1903, abritait le laboratoire de Frederick Banting. (Photo: Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, University of Toronto)

Photo: Courtesy Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, University of Toronto
Il y a un siècle, le bâtiment de l’école de médecine de l'Université de Toronto était le site de la découverte révolutionnaire de l’insuline 
Four mountaineers stand on the summit of mount logan, canada

Rebecca Haspel, Toby Harper-Merrett, Alison Criscitiello and Zac Robinson on Mount Logan's summit, May 18, 2021. (Photo: Zac Robinson)

Photo: Zac Robinson
After being postponed a year due to COVID-19, the Mount Logan Ice Expedition made a successful summit of Canada’s highest peak.
The moon in shadow

Photo: Anna Asryan

Photo: Anna Asryan
The unmanned vehicle will collect imagery and data of the surface the moon
Juvenile salmon swimming with Darwin’s first known sketch of an evolutionary tree layered on top

Darwin’s first known sketch of an evolutionary tree and juvenile migratory salmon. (Photo: Gideon Mordecai)

Photo: Gideon Mordecai
DNA sequencing like that used to track COVID-19 helps scientists trace the origins of salmon pathogens in B.C.

Nanotechnology can improve farming efficiency without the need for new infrastructure. (Shutterstock)

Custom-made nanoscale systems can use precision chemistry to achieve high-efficiency delivery of fertilizers or pesticides
CEO of CarbonCure stands in front of concrete mixer truck and valve box

CEO Rob Nicen stands alongside a CarbonCure truck and valve box (Photo: Courtesy of CarbonCure Technologies)

Photo: Courtesy of CarbonCure Technologies
Halifax-based CarbonCure Technologies were one of two winners of the prestigious Carbon XPRIZE

Cliffs in ancient ice on Mars. (Photo: NASA)

The mining industry is actively looking towards new frontiers in mining
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