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The newest Canadian research and technological advances that are changing the way we understand and interact with our environment and each other.

Photo: BBC News

 These less-than-conventional methods might be the future front lines of fighting climate change

Illustrations: Anthony Tremmaglia

As geotracking technology on our smartphones becomes ever more sophisticated, we're just beginning to grasps its capabilities (and possible pitfalls)

Chris Smart, a retired geography professor at Western University in London, Ont., created this image from hundreds of millions of open-source LiDAR data points.

Image: Chris Smart
What is LiDAR technology? And how does it work?
David Schindler

Renowned conservation scientist David Schindler photographed around the time of his retirement from the University of Alberta in 2013. (Photo: Michael Holly/University of Alberta)

Photo: Michael Holly/University of Alberta
Schindler conducted numerous groundbreaking studies during his career in efforts to protect freshwater around the world
a drone against an orange blue sky

Photo: pixelfit/iStock

Photo: pixelfit/iStock
From finding missing people to delivering medical supplies, here’s what’s happening in the skies

Social media posts about extreme weather events can be useful for crisis responders and scientists. (Photo: Anton Falco/Can Geo Photo Club)

Photo: Anton Falco/Can Geo Photo Club
Artificial intelligence combines with social-media analysis to inform first responders and scientists

Graphic: Kat Barquiero/Can Geo

  What becomes of the stuff we send up into space? And where does it go when it comes back down again?
A woman squats on a beach and holds a rock close to her face.

Photo: Bart/Michiels/Rolex

Environmental entrepreneur Miranda Wang turns to science to seek profitable solutions to the problem of what to do with our mountains of plastic waste

Rendering: Carleton University’s School of Industrial Design

Rendering: Carleton University’s School of Industrial Design
A group of four students won a national contest created by the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association (APMA) to build a Canadian electric car by 2022 

Space is increasingly congested, contested and competitive. (Photo: Canadian Space Agency)

Photo: Canadian Space Agency
Michel Doyon, manager of flight and systems operations at the Canadian Space Agency, walks us through what space debris is and its impact on Canada
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