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Illustration: Micaela Dawn/Can Geo

Illustration: Micaela Dawn/Can Geo
The Green Party MP explains what it is about Margaree Harbour, N.S., that feeds her soul

Photo: Sara Kempner

As part of our re:Location project, we saw hundreds of entries to our photo competition. Here are the top three.
A group of students and staff pose on the steps of Gordon's Residential School in a faded photo.

Staff and students of Gordon’s Indian Residential School on the front steps of the school building in October 1953.

A quarter century ago, Gordon’s Indian Residential School was the last in Canada to close its doors
Canadian Geographic Best Maps 2020
Cartographic highlights from Canadian Geographic’s 2020 issues

Photo: Ann Kilbreath/Can Geo Photo Club

Photo: Ann Kilbreath/Can Geo Photo Club
Taking a Break from Saving the World chronicles an activist's journey from burnout to balance

The seven youth suing the Ontario government celebrate. (Photo: David LeBlanc)

Photo: David LeBlanc
Seven Ontario youth are suing the Ontario government for infringing on their rights to a safe environment
A robot with a tablet stands at a reception desk

Photo: Fitore F/Unsplash

Photo: Fitore F/Unsplash
 A Statistics Canada analysis showed that companies that have robots employ 15 per cent more human employees and have fewer managers

This city spends more than any other in the world on picking up snow and putting down salt on its 10,000 kilometres of roads: in 2019–2020, its snow removal budget hit $166.4 million.

Photo: Christian Fleury
Montreal wages a $166-million battle against snow every single year to keep its streets and sidewalks clear
A photo of the author side by side with the cover of his book
Captain Cook Rediscovered: Voyaging to the Icy Latitudes seeks to provide a fresh view on Cook's legacy from a North American perspective.
A mountain range in BC

Photo: Paul Watson/Can Geo Photo Club

Photo: Paul Watson/Can Geo Photo Club
Following the Good River is a biography of Cecil Paul's life as one North American’s more prominent Indigenous leaders.
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