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In December 2019, a small herd of bison was reintroduced to the grasslands around Wanuskewin Heritage Park, where they played a key role in a historic archeological find. (Photo: Wanuskewin Heritage Park)

Photo: Wanuskewin Heritage Park
The petroglyphs are the first to be found at the archaeologically significant site outside Saskatoon

Foundation stars Jared Harris as Hari Seldon, a genius mathematician who predicts the inevitable downfall of the future Galactic Empire. (Photo courtesy Apple TV+)

Ahead of the series finale, we caught up with Louie Kamookak Medal recipient Jared Harris to discuss his role as Hari Seldon on Apple TV+’s hit new series Foundation
Cory Trépanier painting

Cory Trépanier perched at the mouth of Wilberforce Falls, Hood River, west of Bathurst Inlet, Nunavut, while painting one of the pieces from his Into the Arctic series more than a decade ago. (Photo: Max Attwood)

Photo: Max Attwood
The renowned Arctic landscape painter and Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society lost his battle with cancer on Nov. 5, 2021

Illustration: Kerry Hodgson/Can Geo

Illustration: Kerry Hodgson/Can Geo
Born into a nomadic, caribou-hunting Cree family in northern Manitoba, acclaimed playwright and novelist Tomson Highway pays tribute to the magical world of his childhood in Permanent Astonishment  

“Pitter-patter, let’s get at ’er:” The local, geographically-defined language of Letterkenny is key to the hit show’s appeal. (Photo: Crave)

Photo: Crave
From Letterkenny to Schitt’s Creek, Canada's geography has become the laughing stock of television — and that shouldn’t come as a surprise

Les femmes journalistes de couleur ont reçu un torrent de courriels haineux à la suite des récentes élections fédérales, ce qui a conduit l'Association canadienne des journalistes à publier une déclaration condamnant ce qu'elle appelle « les campagnes coordonnées qui visent à porter atteinte à la liberté de la presse ».

Elamin Abdelmahmoud, commentateur culturel et politique pour CBC et Buzzfeed, estime que le Canada réussit parfois, échoue souvent, mais continue d'essayer
Elamin Abdelmahmoud, a pop culture and political commentator with CBC and Buzzfeed, explores the tension between the idea and the practice of multiculturalism in Canada — especially if you are a public figure of colour
Canadian Mosaic Project

Le photographe albertain Tim Van Horn est sur la route depuis 2008, visitant plus de 1 500 communautés au Canada pour le projet Mosaïque canadienne, une exploration de la culture et de la diversité à travers le pays. Il a pris plus de 85 000 portraits. (Photo : Tim Van Horn)

Photo : Tim Van Horn
Michael Adams, président du groupe de sociétés Environics et contributeur régulier de commentaires publiés sur les valeurs et les tendances sociales canadiennes, affirme que la plupart des Canadiens considèrent le multiculturalisme comme un symbole important de nos aspirations en tant que société
Canadian Mosaic Project

Alberta-based photographer Tim Van Horn has been on the road since 2008, visiting more than 1,500 communities around Canada for the Canadian Mosaic project, an exploration of culture and diversity across the country. He has taken more than 85,000 portraits. (Photo: Tim Van Horn)

Photo: Tim Van Horn
Michael Adams, president of the Environics group of companies and the Environics Institute, and a regular contributor of published commentary on Canadian values and social trends, says most Canadians view multiculturalism as an important symbol of what we aspire to as a society
A Japanese Canadian Group Portrait in Front of the Hollow Tree in Stanley Park, Vancouver, 1909

A Japanese Canadian group portrait in front of the Hollow Tree in Stanley Park, Vancouver, 1909. (Photo courtesy of the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre). MHSO-JAP-201097-654.tif.

Photo courtesy of the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre
Dora Nipp, CEO of the Multicultural History Society of Ontario, reflects on the importance of chronicling migrant, ethnic and Indigenous stories as an essential means to understanding Canada in the 20th century and beyond
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