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Typical crawling passage on the way to Boon's sump. All diving equipment had to be moved though approximately one kilometre of cave passage is like this, a trip that took 5-6 hours. (Photo: Jason Lavigne)

Photo: Jason Lavigne
Go deep below the Columbia Icefield in Banff National Park to “the most inaccessible place in Canada” with the 2020 Castleguard Cave Expedition
National Wildlife Week honours Miner for his pioneer work in wildlife conservation

This map, drawn by Shanawdithit, shows a portion of Newfoundland’s Exploits River area and is believed to depict the last Beothuk camp.

*It means “awake” in Beothuk, the language and people who once called present-day Newfoundland home for about 2,000 years. One young woman, believed to be the last living Beothuk, left a collection of maps and art that help us understand her people’s story.

(Photo: Annie Leibovitz/Buckingham Palace/The Associated Press)

Prince Philip is considered one of the first environmentalists

Researcher Karsten Schnider cradles an exhausted reindeer. (Photo: Mervyn Aitchison)

(Photo: Mervyn Aitchison)
In an excerpt from his new book, A Life of Extremes: The Life and Times of a Polar Filmmaker, filmmaker Max Quinn offers unique insight to some of the most beautiful and extreme places on earth
Waldron spoke with Canadian Geographic about representation for women and racialized communities
The B.C. based biologist reflects on her decades long fight to preserve the ecosystem she calls home

Beaver Creek, just out of Saskatoon, Sask. (Photo: Jeff Wiz/Can Geo Photo Club)

Jeff Wiz/Can Geo Photo Club
An utterly engaging dive into our modern ways of retreat — where we go, why we’re drawn, and how it’s urgent
A drawing of Wade David with mountains, a river and a canoe in the background

Photo: Kerry Hodgson/Can Geo

Photo: Kerry Hodgson/Can Geo
The anthropologist and Royal Canadian Geographical Society Honorary Vice-President on why Ealue Lake, B.C., is special

The Heiltsuk Nation is a First Nations government in the Central Coast region of the Canadian province of British Columbia. (Photo: Simon Fraser University)

Photo: Simon Fraser University
Two new projects highlight commitments to a more collaborative, coordinated and efficient approach to ocean protection and marine responses to anthropogenic disasters
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