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News and voices from Ocean Wise’s Ocean Bridge program.

Ocean Bridge participants in Haida Gwaii

Ocean Bridge participants in Haida Gwaii. (Photo: Danielle Moore)

Photo: Danielle Moore
The plastic problem on Haida Gwaii felt like witnessing a second wave of colonization
Ocean microplastic in hands

Ocean Bridge participant Hannah Kosick holds colourful microplastics picked up on T’aalan Stl’ang. (Photo: Conner McDowell)

Photo: Conner McDowell
T’aalan Stl’ang: The beach that has everything
We are the oceans descendents

One photo among the hundreds in Haida carver Reg Davidson’s workshop speaks to the relationship between the Haida and the sea. (Photo: Dax Justin/Canadian Geographic)

Photo: Dax Justin/Canadian Geographic
The people and landscapes of Haida Gwaii opened my eyes to the fact that we all rely on the ocean
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