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Welcome to our HQ. Here you'll find events and exhibits held at 50 Sussex Dr. in Ottawa by Canadian Geographic, The Royal Canadian Geographical Society, and our partners.

Two people watch a video at the UNCEDED exhibit

Guests watch one of the multimedia presentations as part of UNCEDED: Voices of the Land. (Photo: Dexter McMillan/Can Geo)

Photo: Dexter McMillan/Can Geo
UNCEDED: Voices of the Land features 18 of North America’s foremost Indigenous architects and designers
50 Sussex Drive

There’s more to this building than a pragmatic modernist arrangement of stone, glass and steel overlooking a waterfall, three rivers and two provinces. (Photo: Ben Powless/Canadian Geographic)

Photo: Ben Powless/Canadian Geographic
Get a bird’s-eye view of the iconic new home of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society and its capital surroundings 
Carole Saad, 50 Sussex

Ottawa event maven Carole Saad takes the podium at an event at 50 Sussex as part of her latest role. (Photo: Ben Powless/Can Geo)

Carole Saad, 50 Sussex
Established event designer to promote the headquarters of The Royal Canadian Geographical and Canadian Geographic
Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada, teacher's guide and Giant Floor Map launch

RCGS CEO John Geiger (far left) speaks at the Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada's teacher's guide launch alongside (from left to right) MP Robert-Falcon Ouellette, Canadian Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez, ITK President Natan Obed, Métis National Council President Clément Chartier and Assembly of First Nations' Valerie Galley. (Photo: Ben Powless/Canadian Geographic)

Photo: Ben Powless/Canadian Geographic
First Nations, Métis and Inuit leaders gather on Parliament Hill for the launch of the Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada's Giant Floor Map and teacher's guide, now available across the country
Michael Palin
Michael Palin speaks about his new book, a history of the polar exploration vessel HMS Erebus, at The Royal Canadian Geographical Society's new headquarters at 50 Sussex Dr. in Ottawa on Oct. 19, 2018. (Photo: Ben Powless/Can Geo)
Michael Palin at 50 Sussex (Photo: Ben Powless)
The author, actor and member of Monty Python wrapped up the Canadian leg of his North American book tour with a sold-out show in Ottawa  
Royal Alberta Museum, move,

Ken Romanyshyn moves a carefully packaged model ofa giant bison onto a truck at the Royal Alberta Museum's old building.

Amber Bracken
The Royal Alberta Museum officially opens its new dowtown Edmonton building today, capping a complex multi-year move that’s captured in this behind-the-scenes photo essay
Artists Hilde Lambrechts, Kirstin Davidson and Kim Lulashnyk standing inside their Compass: Peace in All Directions art installation.

Artists (left to right) Hilde Lambrechts, Kirstin Davidson and Kim Lulashnyk stand among the ceramic roses, feathers, birds and fleur-de-lis sculptures they created for their art installation Compass: Peace in All Directions, to be decommissioned on Sept. 30. (Photo: The Ottawa Guild of Potters)

Photo: The Ottawa Guild of Potters
Ottawa art installation Compass: Peace in All Directions to be decommissioned and sold to the public this Sunday, Sept. 30
2019 Indspire award winners group photo

The 2019 Indspire award winners (left to right): Kelly Fraser, Peter Dinsdale, Barbara Hager, Brigette Lacquette, James Lavallée, Dr. Marlyn Cook, Speaker of the House of Commons Geoff Regan (back), Atuat Akittirq (front), Grand Chief Ronald Derrickson, Jijuu Mary Snowshoe, Billy-Ray Belcourt, Dianne Corbiere and Vianne Timmons. (Photo: Courtesy Indspire)

Photo: Courtesy Indspire
Twelve Indigenous people honoured for their extraordinary work across Canada
Canadian Geographic September/October 2018 issue

Cover options for the September/October issue of Canadian Geographic. Although the bison won the audience vote, the Can Geo team decided to go with the first option. Read on to find out why.

Thanks to everyone who voted!
A photo of Ottawa from orbit

NASA astronaut A.J. (Drew) Feustel, who holds dual American and Canadian citizenship, tweeted this photo of Ottawa from orbit on Canada Day. (Photo: A.J. Feustel)

Photo: A.J. Feustel
Canadian NASA astronaut tweets Canada Day greetings with a photo of Ottawa 
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