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Toronto city skyline misty with lake in foreground

A misty Toronto skyline is seen from Tommy Thompson Park in the city’s east end. (Photo: Oli Moorman/Can Geo Photo Club)

Photo: Oli Moorman/Can Geo Photo Club
As trees were cleared for farmland beginning in the 1830s, nitrogen levels in the lake began to rise

Isabella O’Brien showcasing her ocean acidification research project at the 2015 Google Science Fair held at Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California. (Photo courtesy Isabella O’Brien)

Photo courtesy Isabella O’Brien
An 18-year-old environmentalist from Hamilton, Ont. is gaining recognition for her experiments using pulverized seashells to lower the acidity of ocean and lake water

A grizzly bear has been spotted out of its den weeks early in Banff National Park. (Photo: Banff Jasper Collection)

Photo: Banff Jasper Collection
Leaves are out almost a month early in some parts of the United States, and bears are beginning to emerge from their dens — but an early spring can be problematic for some species
Future farming frontiers, agriculture, climate change

Photo: Murray Cotton/Can Geo Photo Club

Photo: Murray Cotton/Can Geo Photo Club
Global agricultural landmass could increase by one-third within the next century, with boreal Canada and Russia set to gain the most arable ground. But what might the environmental and social consquences be?
plastic straw alternative

Cellophax is a plastic-like material made from cellulose, a major component of trees and plants. (Photo: TreeMaTech)

Photo: TreeMaTech
With Canada set to ban single-use plastics by 2022, products made of cellulose — a major component of plants — could be the ideal alternative

In “The Case for Climate Capitalism,” author Tom Rand addresses the political divide in the question of how to tackle climate change and posits broad-scale economic solutions. (ECW Press)

ECW Press
“We cannot sit on the sidelines anymore,” says Tom Rand, author of The Case for Climate Capitalism

One of the pages of The Bug Girl shows how sad Sophia was when her friends didn't understand her love of bugs. (Image: courtesy Schwartz & Wade)

Schwartz & Wade
Sarnia, Ont., fourth grader co-writes book about girls liking insects
Three hikers stand with arms around each other looking at a waterfall

Spending time in nature is not just important for our health and well-being — it can also help us develop empathy for the natural world. (Photo: Alex Clow/Can Geo Photo Club)

Photo: Alex Clow/Can Geo Photo Club
The author, conservationist and nature-deficit expert Richard Louv on the importance of connecting with the natural world
songbird breeding

Olive-sided flycatcher nests can be well-hidden, which makes tracking their breeding status difficult. (Photo: Emily Upham-Mills)

Photo: Emily Upham-Mills
Threatened olive-sided flycatchers are ‘elusive’ to find, so listening might be the answer
A polar bear walks on the Arctic tundra

A polar bear crosses the tundra in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area, Man. (Photo: Andrew Lovesey/Can Geo)

Photo: Andrew Lovesey/Can Geo
Winter apparel brand Canada Goose has partnered with Polar Bears International to raise awareness of the impacts of climate change on the north’s most iconic animal
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