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Clare with starfish on beach

Clare Stone holding up a starfish at Big Beach in Ucluelet, British Columbia. (Photo: Clare Stone)

Photo: Clare Stone
Stone was one of the 160 young Canadians selected for the 2020 Ocean Bridge program, a program that empowers young professionals to serve their community through the lens of ocean and waterway conservation
Common sea star Mingan Archipelago

Common sea stars in a tide pool below the colossal limestone monoliths for which Quebec’s Mingan Archipelago is famous. (Photo: Zach Baranowksi/Can Geo)

Photo: Zach Baranowski/Can Geo
Raised from the sea, sculpted by tides and winds, the ever-changing Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve protects colossal monoliths and myriad species 
Climate strike Victoria BC

Students demonstrate outside the B.C. legislature in Victoria during a school strike for action on climate change in 2019. (Photo: Jack Adamson/Can Geo Photo Club)

Photo: Jack Adamson/Can Geo Photo Club
David Boyd, a Canadian environmental lawyer and UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and the Environment, reveals how recognizing the human right to a healthy environment can spur positive action for the planet
Spirit bears walk in forest

A kermode bear and her cub in the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia. (Photo: Jean-Daniel Gagne / Can Geo Photo Club)

Photo: Jean-Daniel Gagne / Can Geo Photo Club
A new report from Nature Conservancy Canada and NatureServe Canada is the first of its kind to compile over 300 species that are unique to Canada.
Sunlight shining through a thick grove of palm trees

A new international study is the first to analyze the long-term climate sensitivity of Earth’s tropical forests. (Photo: iStock

Photo: iStock
Trees in tropical regions of the globe can withstand temperatures up to 32.3 degrees Celsius and still effectively store carbon
Maritime ringlet - a Canadian endemic found in only a few populations around the Baie des Chaleurs and Gaspesie.

The Maritime ringlet, a Canadian butterfly species found in only a few populations around the Baie des Chaleurs and Gaspésie. (Photo: Colin Jones)

Photo: Colin Jones
Through the Key Biodiversity Areas program, rare, endemic and underappreciated species are finally getting their due as important components of their ecosystems
Gina Rae La Cerva wild meat trail DRC

Author Gina Rae La Cerva in the Democratic Republic of Congo while researching her book, Feasting Wild. (Photo: The Hunter)

Photo: The Hunter
In her new book Feasting Wild: In Search of the Last Untamed Food, geographer and anthropologist Gina Rae La Cerva explores the loss of biodiversity and connection to nature that has resulted from the commercialization of food

A photo of elegant sunburst lichen (Xanthoria elegans), an example of a specimen in the collection that citizen scientists may encounter on Expedition Arctic Botany. This lichen is an iconic Arctic plant species, but can also be found across Canada. (Photo courtesy Jennifer Doubt)

Photo courtesy Jennifer Doubt
Expedition Arctic Botany will allow curious members of the public to explore the plants of the Arctic region without leaving home, while contributing to our understanding of Arctic ecosystems

UBC prof and seahorse expert Amanda Vincent has won this year’s Indianapolis Prize. (Photo: Matt Mays)

Photo: Matt Mays
UBC prof Amanda Vincent won the $250,000 Indianapolis Prize for her work on ocean conservation

Start seeds indoors in the spring. (Photo: Mark Cullen/MarkCullen.com)

Photo: Mark Cullen
On May 15 we held a Twitter Q&A with gardening expert Mark Cullen and his son Ben. Here are their answers to some of your top questions.
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