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A cougar sits in a tree

Photo: Delaney Frame

Photo: Delaney Frame
How Canada's cougars are on the rise — and what that means for us
A colourful bee moth on a purple flower

A bee moth. (Photo: Lance Fielding/CanGeo Photo Club)

Photo: Lance Fielding/CanGeo Photo Club

Book cover: courtesy Cory Trepanier/Figure 1 Publishing

Book cover: courtesy Cory Trepanier/Figure 1 Publishing
Canadian painter and filmmaker Cory Trépanier explores the sublime and rapidly changing Canadian Arctic
Emily Choy stands in front of artic ice and ocean wearing a yellow lifejacket, alongside three yellow kayaks

RCGS's new Explorer-in-Residence, Emily Choy. (Photo: Courtesy Emily Choy)

Photo: Courtesy Emily Choy
The Arctic researcher has a long association with the Society

Photo: Yann Gbs

Photo: Yann Gbs
Your weekly CanGeo round-up of wildlife news
A plain pocketbook mussel and its lure

A plain pocketbook mussel and its "lure." (Photo: Jill Heinerth)

Photo: Jill Heinerth
Jill Heinerth explores what can we learn from the lifecycle of freshwater mussels
An illustration of a rooftop farm

Illustration: Colin White

Illustration: Colin White
Already gaining steam before the pandemic, interest in urban farming — and hunger for hyper-local food — has soared. A look at three Canadian takes on the urban farming phenomenon
Snapping turtle hatchling

Snapping turtle hatchling. (Photo: Erika Squires/Can Geo Photo Club)

Photo: Erika Squires/Can Geo Photo Club
Your weekly CanGeo round-up of wildlife news
clay-coloured sparrow perching on a hand

Clay-coloured sparrow (Photo: Owl Moon)

Photo: Owl Moon
The behavior of birds before and after the blaze that devastated Alberta’s Fort McMurray area in 2016 is leading to interesting insights into the rebound of boreal habitat
Canada jay on a branch

The Canada jay is one of Canada’s hardiest species and is found in every province and territory. (Photo: Robyn Cartwright/Can Geo Photo Club)

Photo: Robyn Cartwright/Can Geo Photo Club
Largely unheralded until Canadian Geographic’s National Bird Project was held, the renamed Canada jay — formerly grey jay — has become in many minds the country’s national bird
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