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Canadian Geographic Education creates classroom materials, runs programs and works with teachers to raise geographic literacy and spark a lifelong curiosity about Canada among the country’s students.

Alberta outdoor education teacher teaches leadership skills in nature

From cross-country skiing to multi-day overnight trips, Court Rustemeyer takes his students outdoors to cultivate individual confidence, community connections and an appreciation for nature. (Photo: Court Rustemeyer)

Photo: Court Rustemeyer
Alberta outdoor education teacher highlights the importance of nature in building leadership skills among students

Scott Alexander has been teaching for 24 years and believes that educators have to earn the right to teach students by engaging their attention and interest through authentic learning experiences. (Photo: Scott Alexander)

Photo: Scott Alexander
B.C. teacher combines geographical principles with historical events to encourage students to craft stories as part of their learning process
Newfoundland and Labrador teacher sitting in his office

Brad Jones has been teaching for 15 years and has helped to shape the social studies curriculum in Newfoundland and Labrador. (Photo: Brad Jones)

Photo: Brad Jones
Newfoundland teacher challenges students to create their own countries and examine new perspectives in discussions about world issues
On the heels of Computer Science Education Week, we put together a list for how to best integrate coding and computing into everyday teaching
Ocean literacy advocate Diz Glithero

Lisa (Diz) Glithero was recently honoured with the Alex Trebek Medal for Geographic Literacy by The Royal Canadian Geographical Society for her work in geography education, in particular relating to ocean literacy. (Photo: Diz Glithero)

Photo: Diz Glithero
Recipient of the 2020 Alex Trebek Medal for Geographic Literacy shares the importance of increasing ocean literacy in Canada
Ontario geography teacher focuses on thinking classroom approach

Somphone (Sam) Souannhaphanh has been teaching for 18 years and uses a teaching approach with her students that incorporates collaborative brainstorming and critical inquiry. (Photo: Somphone Souannhaphanh)

Photo credit: Somphone Souannhaphanh
Ontario teacher adapts a math teaching approach to her geography classroom for collaborative learning
students sitting in a circle learn about Métis culture

Chandrelle Marshall, shown sitting on the right in a group circle at Westmount Community School, emphasizes the importance of students learning languages at a young age. (Photo: Chandrelle Marshall)

Photo: Chandrelle Marshall
Saskatoon teacher talks about the interconnections between language and culture and how crucial that is for the Métis
Quebec teacher

Jennifer Leduc loves to travel, whether it's for personal interest as a history buff or for professional development workshops, and she always brings her experiences back into the classroom to share with her students. (Photo: Jennifer Leduc)

Photo: Jennifer Leduc
Quebec teacher brings history and geography alive through storytelling, travel experiences, and virtual trips 
Manitoba teacher with his daughter at home

Elliot Unger is a Manitoba teacher who focuses on getting his students to ask the right questions and look at issues from different perspectives. (Photo: Elliot Unger)

Photo credit: Elliot Unger
From competitive farming games to ethical concepts of geography, Manitoba teacher engages students through critical thinking
New Brunswick teacher Patrick Halford

Patrick Halford teaches hands-on skills such as woodworking and coding so that his students can learn to use what they've learned in practical, real-world applications. (Photo: Patrick Halford)

Photo: Patrick Halford
New Brunswick teacher brings gardening to a whole new level with his students
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