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Canadian Geographic Education creates classroom materials, runs programs and works with teachers to raise geographic literacy and spark a lifelong curiosity about Canada among the country’s students.

Manitoba teacher with his daughter at home

Elliot Unger is a Manitoba teacher who focuses on getting his students to ask the right questions and look at issues from different perspectives. (Photo: Elliot Unger)

Photo credit: Elliot Unger
From competitive farming games to ethical concepts of geography, Manitoba teacher engages students through critical thinking
New Brunswick teacher Patrick Halford

Patrick Halford teaches hands-on skills such as woodworking and coding so that his students can learn to use what they've learned in practical, real-world applications. (Photo: Patrick Halford)

Photo: Patrick Halford
New Brunswick teacher brings gardening to a whole new level with his students

National Geographic Society President and COO Mike Ulica and Royal Canadian Geographical Society CEO John Geiger meet in Ottawa in November 2019 to discuss the renewed partnership. (Photo: Javier Frutos/Can Geo)

Photo: Javier Frutos
The two iconic geographic societies formalize a renewed partnership
Manitoba teacher on a hike near her hometown

Louise Roberts loves the outdoors and focuses on sharing her passion for the environment with her students.

Photo: Louise Roberts
Manitoba teacher believes that it's never too early to get young kids interested in the environment and conservation
polar bear mother and her young cub

During their overwintering in Svalbard, Hilde Fålun Strøm and Sunniva Sorby observed a polar bear mother and her young cub. (Photo: Hearts in the Ice)

Photo: Hearts in the Ice
Two adventurers have extended their stay in isolation in Svalbard, Norway to continue gathering wildlife observations in the remote Arctic

Xavier Spano sea kayaking in Les Iles-de-la-Madeleine on the 2019 Canadian Geographic Challenge finalists prize trip. (Photo: Alexandra Pope/Can Geo)

(Photo: Alexandra Pope/Can Geo)
Xavier Spano finished fourth in 2019
Young geographers are preparing for a busy weekend of quizzes, virtual fieldwork, and a live-streamed national final
In spite of school closures due to COVID-19, classrooms found creative ways to complete the 16 challenges focused on helping students become more energy-conscious
Quebec students teach their school about recycling and composting

Butler Elementary School students did research, reached out to experts and brainstormed ways to make recycling and composting more efficient in their school.

Congratulations to the students of Butler Elementary School from Bedford, Que.
Ontario geography teacher

Claudette Phillips has been focused on finding ways to make geography engaging and accessible at home while schools are closed during COVID-19. (Photo: Claudette Phillips)

Photo: Claudette Phillips
Ontario teacher shares some strategies for distance learning during COVID-19
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