How to train your astronaut
From extreme isolation and psychological strain to operating high-tech robotics and undergoing an intense physical fitness regimen, here’s a glimpse of what it takes to head to space
Online Exclusive: Astronaut health issues: The health issues astronauts face as they journey beyond the Earth’s surface

Generation next
Meet Canada’s newest astronauts, David Saint-Jacques and Jeremy Hansen
Online Exclusive: Canadian Space Agency astronaut profiles: The men and women that have become part of Canada’s space team

Making tracks
Check out the eight terrestrial rovers the Canadian Space Agency is creating to explore new worlds
Online Exclusives:
Canadian Space Agency timeline: The significant CSA events since Alouette’s launch
Videos of Canadian Space Agency’s rovers: Watch these robotic wonders as they maneuver across rough terrain

The business of space
How a unique partnership between a public agency and private industry is changing space exploration
Online Exclusive: Canada's role in space technology: How Canadian space technology is finding a home on Earth

The ultimate Canadian geography quiz: space edition
Twenty questions designed to truly test your cosmic credentials. Take the space quiz and win a prize!

Touching the Earth
You most likely know Roberta Bondar as the first Canadian woman in space. After returning from her 1992 mission, she was inspired to connect land and space through photography. Here she shares the inspiration for her work and two of her favourite images.
Online Exclusive: Roberta Bondar photos: Check out Roberta Bondar’s landscape and environment photography (robertabondar.com)

Canada in the cosmos: the next 50 years
Four Canadian space experts discuss what’s next. A panel discussion featuring Melissa Battler, Wayne Ellis, Chris Gainor and Bryan Versteeg.
Online Exclusives:
• The future of Canada in the cosmos: A panel of space experts discuss concerns about the militarization of space and Canada’s role in future space missions
• Three CSA astronauts’ spouses share what their lives are like: Catherine Hansen, Brenda Biasutti and Nadine Wielgopolski


Big picture
Celebrating Canada’s grandeur

Showcasing Can Geo’s photo club

In a snap
Sharing Can Geo via Instagram

Polar blog
Bacteria bets

On the map
Exploring cartography
Online Exclusives:
New giant floor map showcases Canada like never before: Map shows satellite viewpoint of Canada
The Canada From Space giant floor map: Book your map now!


Canadian Space Agency president Walter Natynczyk on the organization’s 25 years
Online Exclusive: Q&A with the Canadian Space Agency President

Exploring the International Space Station
Online Exclusive: Images from the Hubble telescope: A closer look at the beautiful space images captured by the Hubble Telescope

Shark fossil finds, bear byways, monitoring elephants and much more
Online Exclusives:
Shark teeth reveal climate coping strategy
Counting polar bears by satellite
British Columbia’s finest fossils
Helping elephants in Africa
Toronto urban forest more valuable than you think
Walking British Columbia’s “Bear Highway”

An early chart of the night sky and a look back at Canada 100 years ago
Online Exclusives:
Animals in the First World War: How horses and other animals helped soldiers during the First World War
View the Delta Aquarids meteor shower: A video of the spectacular show in the sky

Pavilion Lake, B.C., is an unlikely home to otherworldly experiments
Online Exclusive: A tour of an Ottawa telescope shop: Telescope shop owner Kent Goranson talks about the best equipment for stargazing


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Our Country: Chris Hadfield
Chris Hadfield shares what attracts him to southern Ontario’s Stag Island
Online Exclusive: An interactive map of favourite places in Canada