Canada's best island getaways
Eight super summer hot spots to satisfy your craving for sun, fun and surf

Island of the people
Celebrating the magnificent sights of Haida Gwaii, B.C.

Astronaut meets Arctic
Insights on Canada’s Far North from the country’s most-famous spaceman, Chris Hadfield
Online Exclusive: See more of Paul Colangelo's photography from the Arctic

Of the land
Wanuskewin Heritage Park near Saskatoon is working to connect non-Indigenous and Indigenous people to 6,000 years of the region’s First Nations heritage
Online Exclusive: Online exclusive: Interview with Wanuskewin from park elder Jake Sanderson


Dream trips

Celebrating Canada in Ottawa, Get up, stand up, Haliburton, Vancouver’s Trump Hotel & Tower and On our radar
Online Exclusive: Interactive map of Ottawa's Canada 150 attractions
Online Exclusive: Read why the Canopy Tour at Haliburton Forest and Wild Life Reserve is a Highlands must-do
Online Exclusive: More images of the Trump International Hotel

Moncton, New Brunswick
Superb seafood, ziplining over treetops and cliffs, and dune discovery in Moncton, N.B.
Online Exclusive: Watch Andrew Gunadie (a.k.a. Gunnarolla) explore Moncton's many unexpected delights

From big and well-known to small hidden treasures, check out these picks of the nation’s top museums

Online Exclusive
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