Online Features: The First World War and Canada

Cobourg, Ont. resident campaigns for 100 cities to plant poppies
Poppies planted in Canadian cities to mark the centenary of the First World War

Canadian thanksgiving in November
How giving thanks was once linked to Armistice Day

Parks Canada places commemorating the First World War
Sites across Canada honouring the war

Land Girls Hoeing
Women’s war work painting

Canada’s war pilots
The role of fighter and observation pilots in the First World War

Soldier art
The haunting images created by Canadian soldiers

War animal
The brave animals that helped soldiers

War posters
The images that helped Canada collect funds and recruit soldiers

Map of First World War memorial sites
Canadian places that honour our country’s war involvement

Rare First World War photography
Slides from an old camera reveal unique war images

War music
A McMaster University project brings back songs from the First World War

Home cooking
Rations tips from the First World War

The First World War and Canada Quiz
Twenty questions on how the Great War changed the nation

Vimy Canadian Memorial photo essay
A trip back in time to the memorial’s dedication

War documents
From soldiers to royalty, the personal documents behind the war

Excerpt from The Last Plague: Spanish Influenza and the Politics of Public Health in Canada
Read the account of one young soldier’s fight against the Spanish flu in 1918.

“In Flanders Fields”
The story behind the poem