The discovery of the century
A celebration of the find of HMS Erebus

The find
The real inside story of the discovery
Online Exclusive: Thrilling first-person account of the night the Martin Bergmann struck a shoal

The leader
Prime Minister Stephen Harper on the significance of the find
Online Exclusive: The full transcript of Harper's interview with Royal Canadian Geographical Society CEO John Geiger

The partners
2014 Victoria Strait Expedition members share their reactions

The history
A brief account of Franklin’s 1845 expedition and the searches for it
Online Exclusive: Stories on the historical search efforts for Sir John Franklin's 1845-1848 Arctic expedition

The importance
Essays by Noah Richler, Ken McGoogan, Leona Aglukkaq, Shelagh D. Grant, Joe MacInnis, Douglas Stenton, Fergus Fleming and Russell A. Potter

Online Exclusives:
How the Franklin expedition has impacted pop culture

Read all the stories Canadian Geographic has published related to the Franklin expedition

Read what the leading Inuit historian on the Franklin ships has to say about their discovery

Interview with international law expert on how the Franklin find affects Canada's claims to the North Pole

Profile of Parks Canada's lead marine archeologist Ryan Harris

Watch the Canadian Museum of Nature's video of artifacts from previous Franklin searches

More on the exploits and fates of famed British explorers Irvine and Mallory, Scott and Whymper

Read the letter Lady Jane wrote to the U.S. President in October 1849

The bodies
An exclusive interview with anthropologist Owen Beattie
Online Exclusive: Additional questions and answers from the interview with Owen Beattie

The maps
Seven historical charts related to the lost Franklin expedition that helped shape Canada
Online Exclusive: Bonus maps of Canada's North created by searchers of Sir John Franklin's lost expedition

The ships
How HMS Erebus and HMS Terror became polar exploration vessels
Online Exclusive: Interview with the Canadian who’s building a 1:48 scale model of HMS Terror

The technology
The key pieces of gear that helped find HMS Erebus
Online Exclusive: Watch Ryan Harris show off some of the equipment that was used during their dives on the wreck of the HMS Erebus

The future
What’s next for the searches for Sir John Franklin’s ships
Online Exclusive: Follow the ongoing search effort for the HMS Terror and read the latest exploration developments on Erebus


Editor’s notebook
More to the story

Polar blog
Charting chilly waters

The foreword
By John Geiger, CEO of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society