The best of Paul Nicklen
Wildlife photographer Paul Nicklen shares his favourite shots
Online Exclusive: VIDEO: Nicklen tells the stories behind his photos

Endangered zones
Charting the challenges some of our most-threatened species encounter along their continental journeys. The first in a three-part series.
Online Exclusives:
Monarch Butterfly: Endangered Species
How to build a butterfly garden
Red Knot: Endangered Species
Mapping the red knot’s migration stopovers

Hope for the Saskatchewan River Delta?
In a world where water is an increasingly precious commodity, what does the future hold for the Saskatchewan River Delta, one of the country’s most important wetlands?
Online Exclusives:
VIDEO: Life in the delta

Species on the rebound
The remarkable resurgence of seven Canadian critters
Online Exclusives:
Resurgence of the whooping crane
Resurgence of the humpback whale
Resurgence of the eastern wild turkey
Resurgence of the swift fox
Resurgence of the sea otter
Resurgence of the wood bison
Resurgence of the peregrine falcon
Too close to call

Kitchener, Waterloo
Kitchener and Waterloo lie just west of centre-of-the-universe Toronto. Still, the twin Ontario cities are quickly emerging as national leaders in technology, education, commerce and community living

Canadian Wildlife Photography of the Year
Canadian Geographic and the Canadian Museum of Nature present the winners of the Wildlife


Big picture
Celebrating Canada’s grandeur

On the map
Species richness in Canada’s remaining intact forests


Interview: Alexandra Cousteau
International water conservationist Alexandra Cousteau visits the Ottawa River

Place: Canada’s wasabi revolution
Canada’s wasabi revolution is in full swing on the West Coast, and it’s ready to heat up palates across the Pacific Ocean

History: 18th century map of Newfoundland’s fishing grounds
Jacques-Nicolas Bellin’s 18th-century map reveals how the pursuit of the humble fish helped shape the nation

Father Goose
Two decades after his first flight, Bill Lishman reflects on teaching birds to migrate

Wildlife: Saskatchewan’s wild boars
Why wild boars are becoming a serious problem in Saskatchewan

Wildlife: Greater sage-grouse faces grim future, say scientists
An emergency order to protect Canada’s rarest bird may come too late

Wildlife: Biological antifreeze frog’s friend for winter
Wood frog breaks down skeletal muscle mass to survive winter

Wildlife: How rare are albino moose?
Cape Breton hunters get up close to the rare sight

Wildlife: Domestic cats to blame for bird deaths
Cats are responsible for about 196 million birds death every year

Wildlife: Why the woolly mammoth went extinct
Researcher explores what killed off woolly mammoths — and what this might mean for species today

Wildlife: Museum curator discovers a dozen new bee species
Bee species named after Canada’s top bee expert

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News from The Royal Canadian Geographical Society

Our Country: Margaret Atwood
Author extraordinaire Margaret Atwood reminisces about the Arctic
Online Exclusive: An interactive map of favourite places in Canada