2013 Expeditions
The stories behind the expeditions funded by The Royal Canadian Geographical Society
Online Exclusives:
Nicholaus Vieira and his team map one of the largest caves in Canada
A group of Arctic explorers hopes to revive a once-grand tradition
Retracing the treks of famed Norwegian Arctic explorer Otto Sverdrup
Adam Shoalts’ return to Quebec’s Again River

3M Environmental Innovation Award winner of 2013
How Winnipegger Jeff Golfman is turning waste wheat straw into an everyday paper product
Online Exclusive: Five eco-friendly products used to make paper

Endangered zones
Charting the challenges encountered by caribou and wolverines
Online Exclusives:
Caribou: Endangered Species
The mystery of the disappearing caribou herd
Wolverine: Endangered Species
The The dietary habits of the elusive wolverine

Return to Rwanda
A Canadian immigrant and 1994 genocide survivor returns to Rwanda 20 years later
Online Exclusive: Audio of Will Ferguson reading an excerpt from his story

Jeff Lemire
Canadian graphic novelist features First Nations culture with his latest work
Online Exclusive: Illustrations from DC Comics Animal Man and Green Arrow

Gearing up with Ray Zahab
How the elite distance runner combats the cold
Online Exclusive: A behind-the-scenes video from the Ray Zahab photo shoot and additional photos from the photo shoot

Peel Watershed problems
Reaction to the decision to open more than half of the Yukon’s Peel Watershed region to development

The power of echinacea
Using echinacea to clean up contaminated soil

Are neonicotinoid pesticides contaminating wetlands?
Researchers suspect a class of pesticides is responsible for insect and bird declines

Q & A with Dalal Al-Abdulrazzak
Satellite images used to calculate catches

Slippery business
Albertans asked to help track earthworms

Black-tailed prairie dogs doing the wave
Biologists say these prairie dogs aren’t cheering, but they have something to teach us
Online Exclusive: Watch prairie dogs do the “wave”

The last voyage of Captain James Cook
Canada’s Pacific coast took tangible shape after a visit from one of history’s most famous navigators Online Exclusive: Whether a 460-year-old shilling is evidence Drake visited Canada before Cook

Legacy of the Memorial Cup
The cup’s history as tribute to the hockey players who died in the First World War Online Exclusive: Top 10 Memorial Cup moments

Diary of a northern explorer
An 86-year-old journal provides insights into the perils of northern exploration Online Exclusive: An excerpt from W.H.B. Hoare’s diary

Your Society
News from The Royal Canadian Geographical Society

Editor’s notebook
New horizons

On the map
A look at commuting patterns in Canada’s largest metro areas
Online Exclusive: Commuter times in Canadian cities

Our Country: Jian Ghomeshi
Jian Ghomeshi, host of CBC Radio’s Q, shares what attracts him to Victoria
Online Exclusive: An interactive map of favourite places in Canada

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