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Wireless Vehicular Charging: Why 2024 Is The New 2034

By The Marsh Household

Sometimes, watching an old rerun does it, other times, it’s the melancholia that accompanies an old song. We all have moments that make us feel super old regardless of our age. For me – it’s the emergence of wireless charging for your car!

It was merely a decade ago the notion of a mass-consumptive electric vehicle was foreign to the world. Countless debates across respected Universities and ThinkTanks about whether battery storage and thrust from electric generation could ever surpass the mighty internal combustion engine that has dominated our lives for the better part of the last century. I remember a distinct feeling of pride in becoming old enough to finally fill the gas pump on my own (in my parent’s car, of course).

In 10 short years, not only have electric cars become affordable, we are witnessing the emergence of wireless vehicular chargers I for one did not know this possible in the slightest; it is a far cry from filling the tank as a child, my mind’s eye brimming with what kind or world this becomes.

Leading the wave (pun intended) is Electreon, a company that specializes in hooking fleets of vehicles up to “shared, invisible, wireless charging infrastructure.” Their technology empowers “Electric Roads’ and designated areas for parked (and moving) vehicles to charge while sitting on the road.

Currently powering 109 global partners, Electron’s tech reduces the need for fleet operators to coordinate charging logistics, avoiding unnecessary queues and delays that equal lost capital from fleet owners pockets. Power from the grid is utilized and transferred to these specially designed zones, multiplying the surface area charging units take up and thus their reach.

Perhaps we will one day live in a world where all vehicles charge while driving on any road. Where the electrification of transportation is old news. Children may never know the feeling I had of filling up my first tank of gas, but I’d say it is absolutely worth it!

Thanks for reading! – Brandon Marsh

Written by The Marsh Household

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