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Why we are doing this

By The Proulx-Coll Household

Want to get to know us a bit more and why we are participating in the challenge?  Check out our application video!


We’re the Proulx family.

Family of five and we live in Montreal, Canada. I’m the mom. My name is Jess.

Hi, I’m the dad. My name is Olivier, but I go by Ollie in English.

My name is Sasha and I’m 10.

My name is Flo and I’m 8.

My name is Cedriz Zak Proulx. I’m 4 because it’s my birthday.  And when I was little I was just 3.

(Jess) Our house is pretty old. It only has three bedrooms. So the three kids are in one room. The house is pretty old. It was built in the 1920s. We love our house, we love our neighborhood, but we are definitely up to the challenge to improve our carbon footprint, to upgrade our appliances, perhaps change the windows and insulate the house even better. We just love learning about this kind of stuff.

(Olivier) So one of our priorities as a family is to do adventures and I would love that my kid’s kids can keep doing adventures all over Canada, and that means that we have to start protecting that. We’re really excited and up for the challenge to really lower our carbon footprint. One of the things that we have been doing is we’ve been driving an electric car since 2015. It’s something that I’ve always been really passionate about. So when we were able to afford one, we did and it’s been amazing. We love it. There’s no way we would go back for our normal commute. We’re up for the challenge to do even more so we’d love to upgrade our paper thin windows that let all our air out.

(Jess) We do lots of outdoor activities.  We love camping.  We have a trailer and we do a lot of camping with the trailer.

(Olivier) I’ve been in the electric vehicle space for a long time now and this challenge will really put me away from that only and help me look at other things I can do to lower my carbon footprint.

(Sasha) I love cooking, drawing, art and learn about saving the planet.

(Flo) This is what I love about this environment. There is so many animals and there’s so many stuff. I love dancing. I love camping. I love planting.

(Cedric) I love camping. I love mountain biking with my dad.  I want to do adventures for my life and nature. I want to save the earth and the bees.

Written by The Proulx-Coll Household

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