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Two Fast, Cost-Effective, and Easy Ways to Enhance Home Heating and Cooling

By The Marsh Household

Insulating piping and ducts, along with changing air filters, are essential steps in achieving efficient and effective home heating and cooling. They not only improve energy efficiency and temperature consistency but also contribute to cost savings and environmental sustainability by reducing energy consumption and the need for equipment replacement.


Conserves energy: insulation reduces heat loss or gain of mechanical systems, saving between 140-500 times the energy it takes to produce it over a 20-year period.

  • Foam insulation is moisture-resistant and UV-resistant, with a durable protective jacket specially designed for line sets, HVAC, and refrigeration applications. The tough coating can take the abuse of challenging installations and stands up to the effects of weather and extreme elements like UV rays, wind, rain, and extreme hot and cold temperatures, making it a great choice for outdoor applications. This low-maintenance alternative to unprotected insulation comes in coils for easy installation and eliminates the need to add a separate jacket or cladding.
  • Foil or Metal Tape: If you’re tackling an HVAC job at home, aluminum foil tape should be your go-to. Foil tape is flame resistant, holds up in extreme temperatures, and sticks strongly in high humidity. If you’d rather not mess with duct mastic to seal up your HVAC system, aluminum foil tape is a solid alternative.



Changing your air filter not only enhances home heating efficiency but also improves its cooling performance. If you’ve ever wondered whether changing the air filter can make your home cooler, the answer is a resounding yes. Your system becomes more effective at maintaining a consistent and comfortable indoor temperature.

Written by The Marsh Household

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