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Transforming Our Health and Wellness Routine

By The Marsh Household

When we examined our family commuting patterns, we discovered that a substantial part of our family’s travel revolves around activities related to health and well-being. For instance, Ameena and Baldev regularly travel 12 kilometres to their former neighbourhood gym twice weekly to participate in yoga, strength training, and swimming. Nigel and Brandon also commute to their gym (9.6 kilometres) for their workout sessions and hockey (3 kilometres) throughout the week.

During the two-week challenge, we chose to forgo the often traffic-jammed trips to the gym and instead embraced outdoor activities like yoga, hiking, walking, and running, taking full advantage of the beautiful weather. We organized a family hiking excursion to Niagara Glen Nature Park and explored local destinations nearly every day. Ameena and Baldev relished a final summer outing on a water bike at Humber Bay Park, while Nigel took pleasure in his runs through James Garden. Madhu and Brandon made the most of their lunch breaks by enjoying the trails at Valleyfield Park. Throughout these activities, we relied on our Apple watches to ensure we continued to meet our fitness goals.

Looking ahead to create a lasting impact, we have plans to set up a home gym in our new residence. This initiative will eliminate the need for our family to commute to the gym, which has been a significant source of our travel, as well as a financial expense in terms of membership fees. Additionally, we intend to equip our home gym with energy-efficient devices such as an air ski machine, weights, dumbbells, yoga mats, and bicycles, thereby minimizing our overall energy consumption.

Written by The Marsh Household

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