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That's a wrap! For now...

By The Marsh Household

And just like that, the Live Net Zero challenges have concluded! 🌍💜 As we reflect on the past few months, we feel gratitude and excitement. We are grateful for the opportunities Canadian Geographic has given us to share our family’s passion for lowering our carbon footprint in your homes. We are excited to extend our impact even further now that we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge, resources, and community through these challenges. In the next few weeks, you will see some content on our #lnzhomeimprovement updates, both in our current home and our dream green multi-gen home! We would like to thank everyone who listened to our stories, shared what they learned from us with others, and supported us in their own unique ways.

“We only get one planet. Humankind must become accountable on a massive scale for the wanton destruction of our collective home. Protecting our future on this planet depends on the conscious evolution of our species.” – Leonardo DiCaprio


With gratitude and love, Ameena, Baldev, Madhu, Nigel, Brandon, and Misty ♥️

Written by The Marsh Household

Read more of their stories as they vie with the other seven households to reduce their carbon footprint.

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