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Tankless Water Heaters - Thank Us Later!

By The Marsh Household

The tankless water heater is the modern elixir to a cold a shower.

Residents around the world have opted for tankless water heaters for convenience and ease. Most only the size of a suitcase, the world has upgraded from pulling pre-heated water from a heater into the modern era of heating only as necessary. Tankless water heaters only initiate when faucets are turned on, saving time, money, and endless shivers when trying to warm up on a cold Canadian winter day.

Tankless water heaters are on demand, limitless, and smaller – but that’s nowhere near the best part.

Factoring our time and money control modern society. We work every day to get the most out of these two areas in life  – and too often we let old technology strip some of it back. Invention has given modern humans a life Kings and Pharaohs of the past would not have been able to imagine, with more food, water, shelter, and entertainment to last a lifetime. Modern life reaps these advancements in every text, dm, or email sent – why then do we still allow Tank-Model water heaters tp bring us backwards in time?

The transition to a tankless water heater saves an average of 8400 water bottles per person per year, overheating water that never gets used. And Costs? Those are sliced directly in half since water is only heated when you need!

Ditch the tank – you’re pocketbook and the planet will thank you!

Written by The Marsh Household

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