So many choices

By The Foreman Household

As a child at Christmas time, I looked most forward to the Sears Christmas Wish Book arriving.  The thrill of the hunt was scanning the catalogue from cover to cover, dog-earing the pages, or circling what I wished to receive for Christmas was as much a tradition as was Christmas. 

So many choices!

As an adult now browsing online, walking through the grocery or big box store, or strolling in the mall, I also see so many choices!  However, now that I am looking at things with a live net zero lens, I see so much plastic transported halfway across the world to get to the city close to my home.

Toys made from plastic, clothes made from plastic, groceries wrapped in plastic.  The plastic list goes on and on.  The ironic thing is that plastic that is not recycled or cannot be recycled ends up halfway around the world, affecting our ocean health, microplastics harming humans’ health, and plastic pollution affecting our overall planet ecological health.

But wait!  There are more choices!  It has been so fun to look at things with a more sustainable lens.  Little purses made from recycled sweaters, reusable veggie bags and refillable mason jars for food and personal care products.  Choosing to go thrifting, reuse, upcycle, or use only what we have on hand has also offered more choices! 

The one thing I have learned is not only that I have more choices, but that I have easy choices.  Easy choices that reduce carbon emissions.  Easy choices that reduce the amount of plastic consumed and the transportation footprint of the items to get to me.  Easy choices at Christmas and all year long!

And you have so many choices too!  Easy choices!  The thrill really is in the hunt!   

Written by The Foreman Household

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