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#SaveOurPlanet while you #SaveTheBagels

By The Marsh Household

🥯🥯 Would you rather prevent air leakage or toast 3,000 bagels? 🥯🥯

Air leakage accounts for 20 percent of the estimated annual heat loss of your house. Prevention can be incredibly affordable and fast! For the Home Envelope challenge, Nigel and Brandon enlisted the help of Nipun to seal gaps and cracks around the windows, doors, and outlets in our home, effectively preventing air leakage. Check out how it went here:

The results are impressive: our air change rate can now drop by 1.5 from an initial 3.7. This allows us to save a significant 1 gigajoule of energy annually. To put that in perspective, it’s equivalent to 277 kilowatt-hours of electricity or the energy needed to toast a staggering 3,000 bagels! 🥯🥯

Written by The Marsh Household

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