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Regifting Is OK—Just Do It Well!

By The Reid Household

I have a dear aunt who passed away a few years ago. I loved her, and miss her, and she was an extremely generous person much of the time. However, she was also a regifter, but in a way that didn’t quite work. She would regularly regift items but without the receiver foremost in her mind.

As a child, we always looked forward to her gifts, because they were so odd we always had a bit of a giggle.

For example:

  • When I was eight I received a muff.
  • When I was ten I received a terry cloth turban.
  • When I was twelve I received a large fur hat.

However, the funniest gift of all was received by my mother, when I was about thirty. My aunt was a tall woman, and gave my mother a fake fur vest. It was maroon and shaggy and went to her mid thigh. When she opened it, we laughed and laughed and laughed; it was the most ridiculous gift we had ever seen.  😅

I have fond memories of that vest because of the hilarity, of the absurdness of the very large vest with my smallish mother. I did learn from the experience, because while I do regularly regift, and see the environmental and financial value in it, I do so with the recipient in mind. No large shaggy maroon vests!

Pictured here is a gift pack that I have put together for my brother Dave (note: I hope he does not read this before our gift exchange)! The mug I received from a student (I have a similar one, so decided to regift), and since my brother teaches it felt very appropriate. The honey I purchased from a beekeeper near Shelburne, where Dave and I spend time in the summer and have a strong sentimental attachment. I was also supporting a local and healthy product.

The bee coasters I picked up through the Dundas Buy Nothing network, and are nicely connected to the honey, and the chocolate is a regift. Finally, a box of tea and a few beers from Wavemaker Brewery in Cambridge, where Steve works part-time, and I will have created a “Teacher Survival Kit” gift for Dave. I will have spent about $20.00, and brought together a collection of items which, I hope, Dave enjoys.

Written by The Reid Household

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