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Thoughtful (and low carbon) gifts for the holidays!

The Waddell-Shankland Household

By The Waddell-Shankland Household

Its December and the holidays are almost on us!! Its a brilliant time of celebrations, with visits, gifts, food and fun. Its also a time when we break out of our normal habits, so a chance to think about unique opportunities to be thoughtful about our carbon footprint – which can mean both having more fun and sharing even more meaningful gifts and experiences. Sharing thoughts here on gift giving especially, as we head into the holiday season. 

A great way to reduce carbon in gift giving is to buy local, and buy up-cycled things – tons of brilliant things on offer at holiday markets and places like Toronto’s One of A Kind Show that we went to this week, or the upcoming Mistletoe Market here in Windsor.

Written by The Waddell-Shankland Household

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