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One Pedal at a Time (ACTive Transportation)

By The Foreman Household

Wow!  The past two weeks have been a challenge, not only logistically but physically!  All five of us managed to get out on our bikes to actively commute!  Myself, a short distance to a meeting, the kids to the community centre, to soccer practice, and to the local store, and Shane had the longest distance to commute to work a couple times!  Despite the distance, Shane definitely enjoyed connecting to the bike paths in the city!

And it was great!  Ok.  I need a new bike (it’s probably 28 years old).  It was not great to not have working gears, but it was great to get out and be physically active before my workday!  Did you know that commuting to work by bike could boost your productivity ?  Well maybe after I catch my breath!

Although it was great to be active, being out on the rural highway really amplified for us the need not only for a safe crossing for the community centre/school but also a great need for dedicated barriered bike lanes.  The traffic goes far too fast; there is no shoulder at some spots on the road; and dedicated bike lanes would discourage the convoy of single occupancy cars traveling into the city.  E-bikes would also have a safer route!

But alas there are no bike lanes on the way to the city.  We know community members that want to bike but are timid to do so.  There was a recent community plea for a bicycle for a family that needs some form of transportation into the city as they are transit insecure.  They are not the only ones.  There is a need.  But what to do? 

I contacted the Green Party Leader David Coon and asked for ideas and where to start.  So, I guess that’s a start.  I also dug up that the Department of Transportation plans to asphalt 8.1 km of the highway next year.  Hmmm.  I see a letter, and more, in my future.  Maybe in yours too!  I am a firm believer in recognizing an issue, but also offering a solution.  And talking with others to drum up some noise! 

Advocacy will be key in bringing infrastructure concerns to the conversation with our local government leaders.  And timing!  Recently, protected bike lanes were added to 2 streets in Moncton, NB with barriers to streets they had planned to pave!  

Next up-Hanwell! 

Did you know that CAA offers BikeAssist for members and non-members as well (you can just purchase the emergency roadside assistance for your bike!)


Written by The Foreman Household

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