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Ideas to Decrease Carbon Footprint During Holidays

By The Proulx-Coll Household

Holidays can add significant emissions to our carbon footprint.

Over the long weekend, we had a chance to reflect on how our comfortable modern lifestyles contribute to climate change and actions we can take to have less of an impact and get closer to living net zero.

As a finalist in the Live Net Zero Challenge, our family is invested in making a difference. Here are some actions we took to decrease our carbon footprint:

  • We used our electric car to travel to all our destinations.
  • We ate local chicken at the gatherings we attended, which has a smaller carbon footprint than most other meats.
  • We made apple muffins made with local apples and coleslaw made with local cabbage to bring to our gatherings.

Naturally, conversations about living net zero arose. From a run & brunch with our running club to a large dinner & rainy walk with a pretty big family and a couple of days away from home spent with our close friends, we must have chatted about this with more than 30 people. Gathering with family & friends was our absolute favourite part.  Talking about this challenge has the most impact. To continue enjoying the outdoors as we did this weekend and for our kid’s kids to have that privilege too, we must all make changes to get closer to living net zero. Let’s not stop talking about this.

Written by The Proulx-Coll Household

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