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Home Envelope Part 2: Windows

By The Proulx-Coll Household

After sealing the easy leaks in our house, we went back to EnerGuide report. The next easiest item on the agenda for us was upgrading our windows.


It can be really expensive to replace all the windows in the house.   We received quotes above 20,000$ to replace all the windows from our first floor.  This is partly due to our siding being made of asbestos and the exterior walls being so old…it seems to scare contractors away…


As you can see our windows here have condensation, so you don’t see through them very well. And that means that there is no more gas in between the two panes of windows and therefore no much insulation!

So instead of changing the whole window we are just going to replace the glass.  That is a much less expensive option.


The process is fairly simple.  We measured the windows ourselves and were able to get quotes online.  The selected contractor came by for the final measurements and will order the material.

The process is essentially replacing the glass panels with new glass panels that are properly sealed and have argon gas in them.  This will increase the insulation of the windows and will also allow us to see through them 😉

This will not provide as much insulation as replacing the windows entirely, but will improve the insulation for a much lower cost.  

Next up, the harder projects!

Written by The Proulx-Coll Household

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