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Heating and Cooling Challenge Preview

The Waddell-Shankland Household

By The Waddell-Shankland Household

As autumn starts to bite, its perfect timing to head into the heating and cooling challenge!  As Jack at lightspark pointed out, it doesn’t make sense to think too much about how your home is heated until you have sealed it up and insulated it properly – you can end up over- (or under-) sizing your heating systems, impacting on its efficiency in the long run. Now that we finished the sealing it up and insulating our house in the last challenge, however, we are ready to start putting these systems in place.

Also, a little reminder that we often think of furnaces and big heating systems for staying warm, but humans are great at producing warmth, and a little hyper-local insulation can go a long way to improving comfort!

Written by The Waddell-Shankland Household

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