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Extra Freezer: Is It Worth It?

By The Proulx-Coll Household

On top of having a regular fridge with included freezer in our kitchen, we also have an extra freezer in our basement. It’s always been a debate whether we need it or not.

We decided to measure how much energy it uses to run our basement freezer to get the real measurements: Turns out our freezer uses 0.6 kWh per day which costs us about 22$ per year. In our extra freezer, we store seasonal vegetables, fruit, frozen food we buy on sale, extra homemade snack and big bags of nuts and seeds.

Personally, we go back and forth as to whether we actually need the extra freezer. We probably could fit everything in our fridge/freezer upstairs. It would be easier to have everything in just one freezer. But 22$ per year isn’t astronomical either… and we do love to stock up on extra seasonal produce and sale items… Stocking up on seasonal and local produce means less carbon footprint and we most likely save more than 22$ by stocking up on sale items.

What’s your take on our extra freezer: Keep it or get rid of it? Let’s discuss!

Written by The Proulx-Coll Household

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