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Experiences Over Gifts

By The Marsh Household

The Marsh family embraces a holiday season filled with the magic of experiences over possessions. Prioritizing memories over physical items, we’re on a festive journey that reflects our deep commitment to sustainability.

Our eco-friendly approach extends to embracing minimalism through experiential gifting—moments like shows, a shared meal, and local events that create lifelong memories. Our choice of experiential gifts aligns with our goal to reduce waste and tread lightly on the planet. When using holiday cards or gift cards, we use electronic cards instead of traditional presents to spread holiday joy and give the gift a greener, healthier touch.

As we exchange e-cards and create lasting memories, our celebration becomes a story of holiday joy, sustainable living, and a commitment to a smaller carbon footprint.

Here are some experiences we enjoyed instead of exchanging gifts over the challenge:

  • Baldev and Ameena took their grandparents to the aquarium to celebrate their grandmother’s 71st birthday
  • Ameena and her friend Kamilah enjoyed a couple of drinks at the Thirsty Elf Bar 
  • Baldev and Ameena took their friends Ryan and Lauren out to brunch
  • Ameena and her friend Beverly enjoyed a Nutcracker-themed afternoon tea
  • Baldev and Ameena gifted Madhu and Nigel tickets to a NYE dinner and dance party
  • Madhu and Nigel took Brandon and their friend Stephen out to dinner
  • Madhu gifted Nigel a spa credit 
  • Nigel is taking Madhu out to a nice dinner next week
  • Nigel and Madhu gifted Brandon tickets to a Maple Leafs game

Written by The Marsh Household

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