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Donated extra freezer to reduce electricity and food waste!

By The DePape-Rodrigues Household

Significant reduction in electricity consumption = saying goodbye to freezer

We donated our freezer to the Leftovers Foundation! We appreciated the opportunity to do an assessment of our home electricity with Canadian Geographic and Lightspark. We tracked the number and average usage of various appliances such as stove, freezer, fridge, tvs, game systems, etc. We also made a plan for each appliance in terms of how we could reduce our electricity consumption. 

Likely our most significant reduction in electricity consumption is through donating our extra freezer. We already have a freezer within our fridge. We realized that most of the things in our standing freezer were either beyond recoverable or could fit within our fridge. By donating our freezer, we reduced annual electricity consumption by approximately 300 kilowatt-hours. 

Reducing food waste

We donated our freezer to the Leftovers Foundation! As you can see, from the photo, they also rescue food which would otherwise go unused, and find it a home. We are so grateful to Michael from Bear Clan Patrol who picked it up, and Julia from Leftovers Foundation for coordinating the delivery. We appreciate the hard works of these groups and others such as Jennifer from Climate Change Connection and Harvest Manitoba who are collaborating to reduce food waste and get it to people who need it. Did you know that reducing food waste is one of the most impactful ways that we can reduce emissions? Food loss and waste accounts for about 8% of emissions worldwide. Currently nearly 60% of food in Canada is lost or wasted. Meanwhile, 17.8% of households in Canada were food insecure in 2022

Thank you for your interest in reducing electricity consumption, food waste, and taking household climate action! 

Written by The DePape-Rodrigues Household

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