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Creating Creature Comforts

By The Reid Household

We expect that most people know about the clear window plastic you can apply and then take a hair dryer to ‘shrink’ it tightly to the window.  Nothing ground-breaking about this post, BUT for something seemingly so innocuous it is surprisingly efficient.  Jen noticed a draft coming in the office windows even after we did a significant amount of exterior caulking, and as we move toward our post-retrofit home energy audit we wanted to make sure that some of these ‘little’ fixes didn’t slip through the cracks.  Like the cold air was. 

Owen, who is 12, is a big fan of helping make the home more comfortable, as well as energy-efficient, so he happily helped install the window film.  What made us the happiest about this was that when Jen got home and walked in to the office she immediately commented on it being warmer—mission accomplished!

Written by The Reid Household

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