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Commuting Challenge EV-aluation!

By The Foreman Household

I was just reading today in a Costco magazine that last year alone, Costco sold over 1 billion litres of gas in Canada. Aside from mentioning tapping your card, that was the extent of that sentiment. I know I certainly stopped when I read that number! Prior to the commuting challenge, I may have never taken a second look at that article but today I think my jaw dropped!

Canada’s target of banning the sale of new combustion engine passenger cars and light trucks
by 2035 is only 12 years away. You read that right. 100% of new car sales will be electric by 2035! In only 12 years! This target comes with milestones of at least 20% zero emissions sales by 2026 and 60% by 2030. Much needed infrastructure, not to mention, greener habits, must be pursued though to ensure these targets are met. 

We’re happy to report that our carbon emission reductions went up as a direct result of the commuting challenge!  It was just that though.  A challenge.  Living in a rural community outside of the city really challenged us to reevaluate and take a hard look at our commuting behaviours.

From changing our behaviours, trying new things, greening our current gas vehicles to ordering a PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle), we are conscious that as consumers we have a role to play in meeting those targets.  In the past two weeks alone, we were able to reduce our carbon emissions by 63.25%!

But the cool thing is that we project, with our behaviour changes, our reductions will go up to a whopping 86%! when we also switch out one of our gas-powered vehicles to a PHEV!  (With the help of a formula taking into account the carbon intensity of our province and a carbon footprint calculator, Shane was able to calculate our numbers-see below!)

Carbon emission reductions are not an individual feat, however.  Global change, big business, and our communities here at home need to step up to meet aggressive carbon emission targets! 

Recognizing the need for transit in our community and seizing the opportunity to discourage single occupancy ridership (and also to address transit insecurity) I started a RideShare/Carpool group in our community this past weekend!  The group already has close to 30 members, and someone has already posted offering a ride!  Even just one shared ride takes another car off the road! 

Now, the real challenge is advocating for permanent infrastructure changes so that collectively we can not only re-EV-aluate but aggressively attack and meet, and maybe even exceed, carbon emission targets!

Written by The Foreman Household

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