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Changing an oil furnace

By The Proulx-Coll Household

When we bought our house in 2013 there was an oil furnace in the basement.  Our heat pump would heat the house as long as temperatures were above -12C.  Past this point, the oil furnace would come on.  The oil furnace basically burns oil to create heat and pushes the heat through the house through ducts.  You need to store oil in a big tank and refill it periodically.  In 2018, our oil tank needed to be changed because it was too old.  We took the opportunity to change the oil furnace for an electric furnace.  We also got a 1275$ grant to do so from the Quebec Government as part of the Chauffez Vert program.



The image above is someone else’s oil tank but is here to picture what an oil tank looks like.  If you want to see our complete setup now, check out this blog post.  

Written by The Proulx-Coll Household

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