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The Waddell-Shankland Household

By The Waddell-Shankland Household

Active Transport Education and Adventure 

We had a great weekend day yesterday!  

In the morning, the folks at Bike Windsor Essex., who run all kinds of brilliant bike advocacy, programming and support in the city, and help folks get their bikes road worthy at their Bike Kitchen, gave us and a few kids in the neighbourhood a tour of the shop and a workshop on basic bike maintenance and safety.  The kids really enjoyed it and got their bikes tuned up, and even the adults learned a thing or two about adjusting brakes, how to keep a chain clean, etc.

In the afternoon, we headed over the border to Detroit for a street festival, and went via bike, bus and train – all very painless and pleasant, and a really fun experience – enjoy the video below, or watch and follow Crystal on Instagram!

Written by The Waddell-Shankland Household

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