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Thinking about Food!

The Waddell-Shankland Household

By The Waddell-Shankland Household

Let’s talk ‘Food’ and Food Waste!

Did you know that 58% of all food produced in Canada is wasted? This is a large contributor to methane and GHG emissions. Meanwhile, so many are in serious need of food. Food is precious!

Let’s work together to be conscious of our food storage, consumption, disposal. Also make sure to donate to some of the amazing food programs out there, such as @secondharvestca @worldfoodprogramme @uhcwindsor

And check out some amazing food and container waste reduction apps such as @toogoodtogo.can and @mysuppli

Here’s a how-to on making organic yogurt. Watch to the end and you’ll also learn how to make your yogurt into Rose Petal, Lavender, Maple Labneh.

We love making these because they are delicious, but also allows us to avoid single-use plastics. Slow food means less food waste.

Homemade food using recycled containers make great gifts and offerings for parties!

To think about food and teach our kids. we volunteered our time as a family at the Windsor Food Bank. We only spent 2 hours, but added up to 8 hours as a family. We filled 218 bags of bread and 144 bags of apples. Doing this as a group made it very efficient and and also a lot of fun for all of us. The boys loved the bag sealing device as well as challenge of how much we can do in 2 hours. Teamwork makes the dream work!!!

At this specific facility alone they provide to over 300 people per day. And hundreds more in other locations within the city as well as downtown.

60% of food in Canada gets wasted. But there are some amazing organizations with food rescue programs and that are working hard to feeding those who need it.

Do your part to minimize food waste, and help support food rescue / distribution programs. They are all really struggling at the moment with high demand.

Written by The Waddell-Shankland Household

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