2023 Judges

Meet our Live Net Zero judges

Our Live Net Zero judges are true experts in sustainable living and household carbon reduction, including 2022 challenge winner, Andrea Loewen Nair.

Candice Batista

Candice Batista is an award-winning environmental journalist, author, and the founder of The Eco Hub website. As a journalist focused on the environment, and one of Canada’s foremost eco advocates, Candice has helped her readers and viewers adopt more sustainable and eco-friendly living, starting at home.

Creating The Eco Hub was motivated by her desire to enlighten and inspire individuals to adopt mindful habits that contribute to a healthier home and a thriving planet. This platform builds on her 30-year sustainability journey, offering insights, guidance, and strategies to embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Amber Bennett

Amber Bennett is the Executive Director of Re.Climate, Canada’s go-to resource centre for research, strategy and training  on climate change communications and engagement based at Carleton University. She is one of Canada’s top climate communication strategists and capacity builders and works with groups across the country to bridge the gap between research and practice. She led the groundbreaking Alberta Narratives Project and supported much of the foundational work to pilot and build Re.Climate.

Andrea Loewen Nair

Andrea Loewen Nair grew up five degrees south of the Arctic Circle so it’s not surprising that she feels very connected with the natural world around her. Now in London, ON with her family, she has infused her need to keep the environment front-of-mind as they built and run a family medical practice, renovated a historic home, and as they move around to get her teenaged sons to their many activities. Cycling before bike lanes were a thing, you can usually find Andrea on her electric cargo, “Betty bike,” riding around London as she conducts business and volunteers for local environmental groups. The Nair family was the winner of the first Live Net Zero competition.

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