Grizzly Bears of Toba Inlet

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Departing October 13, 2024

Adventure into the heart of Klahoose territory with the Canadian Geographic Adventures Grizzly Bears of Toba Inlet package. Experience four nights of comfort in our lodge rooms or cabins, each boasting private facilities and awe-inspiring ocean panoramas. This exclusive package includes two Grizzly Bear Viewing Tours, timed perfectly during the fall salmon run. Each expertly guided tour to view the grizzly bears from our specially designed Klahoose platforms along a secluded wilderness river.

Delve into our enrichment program guided by our renowned RCGS Travel Ambassador, who will share specialized knowledge. Joining them is our esteemed Klahoose Cultural Interpreter, facilitating captivating grizzly bear viewing tours in Toba Inlet.

Indulge in delectable meals prepared by our chef while immersing yourself in local culture. Stay active with invigorating activities such as kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, ocean swimming, forest explorations, and unwind in our wood-fired sauna beneath the starry night sky.

Prepare to undergo a transformative journey as you uncover the enchanting essence of Klahoose in the tranquil embrace of Desolation Sound. This experience promises to be a captivating blend of nature’s wonders and the rich cultural heritage of the Klahoose people.


Day 1: Arrive at Klahoose Wilderness Lodge via float plane or water taxi
Day 2-3: Explore Yekwamen (yɛkʷamɛn) or Toba Inlet with your Klahoose guide. Travel by boat, then by road to fixed viewing platforms set along the river and watch the grizzly bears in their natural habitat.
Day 4: Experience Klahoose Wilderness Resort and more. Kayaking, paddle boarding, ocean swimming, sauna, nature walks, ocean foraging 
Day 5: Breakfast send off. Head home via float plane or water taxi

Meet your RCGS Ambassador

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Jenny Wong

Jenny Wong is a visual storyteller who specializes in wild places and wild creatures. She strives to understand the world through science and communicate it through the visual and emotional art of storytelling. Conservation is without a doubt an underlying theme in her work; she is currently exploring the impact of climate change in the Canadian High Arctic.

Photography was never her chosen field of work, but rather something that happened organically. Her camera started out as a paperweight in her travel bag and became the trusted companion through which she shares all her experiences and stories. She specializes in adventure, travel, wildlife, and commercial photography. Currently, her personal passion lies in using her craft to spread awareness about the frontlines and last lines of climate change, the Arctic. Jenny is a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society.