Belize & Tikal with Canadian Geographic

Grand Plaza, Tikal, Guatemala.
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Departing January 31, 2024

Eagle-Eye’s Belize & Tikal birding tour visits three outstanding birding locations: Crooked Tree, Pook’s Hill (with a visit to Mountain Pine Ridge) and Tikal. Imagine awakening to ocellated turkeys gobbling outside your door, bat falcons perched on a snag in the lodge grounds, ornate hawk-eagle nesting close by, or a jaguar ambling across the road. We look for boat-billed and agami herons, sungrebe and jabiru and take boat rides for potoos and pauraques as well as Morelet’s crocodile and hickatee — a large river turtle.

Tikal National Park boasts over 200 species, including woodcreepers, tanagers, cotingas, manakins, toucans, trogons, and much more. Imagine sitting atop a magnificent Mayan pyramid with king vultures and white hawks circling close by, orange-breasted falcons in sight, and tropical forest canopy stretching as far the eye can see! This tour is what dreams are made of.