Thomas Lundy

Assistant Editor

Thomas Lundy is a science and travel journalist, Canadian Geographic’s assistant editor, and lover of all things wildlife. 

Originally from Manchester, England, Thomas spent his undergrad years scouring the North Sea’s rocky intertidal zones and writing for student science magazines while studying marine zoology at Newcastle University — a period that cemented his love of both the ocean and journalism. Thomas then took off for Australia, where he spent a year working and travelling vibrant metropolises, bountiful rainforests and spectacular coral reefs. The following years saw him live and work in Japan as an English language teacher and London for science journal Scientific Reports, before he reached his current home of Montreal. Here, he worked for the UN Convention on Biological Diversity and studied journalism at Concordia University, all the while eating copious amounts of poutine.

When he isn’t writing about science, wildlife, the environment and culture, he is looking for his next adventure — both above sea level and below.