Nicolas Winkler

Nicolas Winkler is a Grenadian-Canadian freelance photographer / filmmaker based in Halifax, specializing in conservation and scientific storytelling visuals for the research, academic, non-profit and film sectors. He is interested in underwater themes and the intersection between people and ocean, drawing from his influences as a marine biologist and social scientist.

Through his work, he has documented risk behavior in scuba fisheries, filmed critically endangered hawksbill sea turtles and photographed large megafauna like Canada’s great white sharks. When not photographing, he contributes to ocean conservation and research in Canada and abroad.

Nicolas has been awarded the 2023 RCGS Independent Research Grant for a podcast on coastal access in Nova Scotia to be published in 2024. He is also a 2023 Trebek Initiative storytelling grantee exploring a year in the life of Atlantic Canada’s eelgrass meadows. An accomplished aquanaut, Nicolas has over 25 years experience as a competitive freediver, recreational scuba and rebreather diver. He co-founded and co-hosted the Canadian all about diving Dive In:The Podcast from 2020 to 2022 and has written for DIVER and