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Video of the Week: A visual celebration of Canada

A father-son photography team from B.C. set out to document Canada's landscapes, wildlife, people and traditions

  • Dec 22, 2017
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Clyde River, Nunavut Expand Image

Canadians came up with many creative ways to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Confederation this year, from the ambitious (a solo trans-Arctic expedition) to the offbeat (a touring red couch and a corn maze map of the country). 

There were also plenty of Canadians who decided to make this the year they saw their country (something we at Canadian Geographic wholeheartedly endorse anytime). Among them were Martin Gregus and Martin Gregus Jr., a father-son team of photographers from British Columbia who have taken the basic concept of a cross-country road trip and exploded it into a much grander vision. 

The duo have been travelling together for 13 years, but this year decided to turn their vast repository of photographs and footage into a tribute to Canada’s geographic diversity. Their project, Thank You Canada, is a collection of images and short films showcasing Canada’s landscapes, wildlife, people and traditions. The Greguses are planning to continue their travels in 2018, and hoping to eventually turn their images into a coffee table book that will preserve a snapshot of Canada at this moment in time. 

Check out the trailer for their project below, and watch more videos on their website or Vimeo channel.  


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