Toronto could be getting a cable car

Toronto residents could soon get to see their city in a new way
  • Feb 18, 2016
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Concept art for a proposed Toronto cable car that would carry guests between the Danforth and the Evergreen Brick Works. (Images: Andrew Duggan/Bullwheel International Cable Car Corp.)
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Toronto residents could soon get to see their city in a new way.

A private company has developed a proposal to build a cable car that would transport users over the scenic Don River valley between the Playter Gardens parkette on the Danforth and the historic Evergreen Brick Works.

Bullwheel International Cable Car Corp., the company behind the proposal, hopes the cable car would become a major tourist attraction as well as provide an alternate way for commuters to cross the perpetually gridlocked Don Valley Parkway without the need to drive.

The project is still in the design and consultation stage, but Toronto Mayor John Tory told the Toronto Star the concept is “exciting.”

“We’re trying to come to grips with [how] we can provide people greater access to the ravines without being too obtrusive … The concept of a cable car that goes through some land that is beautiful and scenic is very appealing,” he said.

If built, it would be the first time a major Canadian city has added a cable car to its public transportation network.

The public is invited to share their feedback about the proposed cable car online and at an open house in March.


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