The Can Geo team's favourite CLIF bar flavours

From hot chocolate to tart cherry, here's how our team reacted to the bars

  • Jan 19, 2021
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When the Can Geo team returned to the office this fall, CLIF Bar kindly sent us a box or two of their classic and seasonal snacks to keep us going. 

Here’s what we thought: 

“My favourite, hands down, was the tart cherry and almond. I worried that it might be too sweet when I saw the almond flavour — like marzipan or something — but the tang of the sour cherry cut through the subtle sweetness of the almond and made for a very pleasant taste sensation. In the whirlwind of the day, I sometimes forget to eat lunch, and the Clif bar certainly fills a hole! The chocolate brownie one was a healthy substitute for a treat in the evenings, too. The peanut butter filled bars are my go-to hiking snack.” – Abi Hayward, assistant editor

“The children’s oatmeal bar was sweet, tasty but not filling — maybe because I’m not a child? The Hot Chocolate bar was delicious and made me crave more!” – Mike Marshall, 50 Sussex caretaker

“I loved the seasonal Hot Chocolate, which I regularly enjoyed with my morning tea. It wasn’t too sweet, but also satisfied my sweet tooth so I wasn’t tempted to reach for a not-so-healthy snack. I also appreciated that Clif committed a portion of profits from the seasonal bars to an initiative in the U.S. to plant one million trees by 2025. More trees is always a good thing. The peanut butter Nut Butter Bar was my go-to for weekend hikes.” – Sarah Brown, managing editor

“I’d never had a CLIF bar before the box appeared next to my desk, and now they’re a must-have in my hiking pack. My husband eats the Cool Mint Chocolate flavour like they’re Girl Guide cookies, and the Chocolate & Peanut Butter bar kept me going on my outdoor adventures.” – Angelica Haggert, interim digital editor

Try all the flavours at


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