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How solar-powered water pumps are helping Pakistani farmers adjust to climate change

  • Jan 18, 2016
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Technicians and farmers watch as an alternating-current solar-powered pump in Talagang, Pakistan
Technicians and farmers watch as an alternating-current solar-powered pump meant to be used with a high-efficiency sprinkler irrigation system is tested at a farm in Talagang, Pakistan, in December 2015. (Photo: HI-AWARE project team/Pakistan Agricultural Research Council)
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It’s known as the water tower of Asia, and it’s drying up. Alanna Mitchell looks at how Pakistani farmers in the Hindu Kush Himalayan region are using solar-powered water pumps to combat the effects of climate change.? Part of an ongoing series of stories about innovative projects in the developing world?, a partnership between the International Development Research Centre and Canadian Geographic.?


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