Product review: RockSaltApparel leggings

These colourful leggings have a sustainable twist

  • Jan 21, 2021
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If you ever get to meet social media coordinator Hannah Waye, you’ll know that when we were offered these rainbow leggings from RockSaltApparel to try out, they could only go to Hannah for review! 

The product: Rainbow leggings from RockSaltApparel, a small ethically-sustainable shop based on Etsy that donates a percentage of each purchase to ocean conservation & climate change solutions.

What Hannah thought: These leggings are different than the Lululemon ones I’m used to — they have a different waist band and the Lulus have more of a thick waistband that really hold your body. I would not wear to do yoga though, just because the fabric can veer a little towards thin and see through if bending and stretching. The colour is so vibrant though and I can’t wait until the summer to wear them everywhere!

Get your own pair — or one of RockSaltApparel’s other colourful products from their Etsy shop

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