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People of the pandemic: Share your story

How has your life changed because of COVID-19?
  • Mar 24, 2020
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Canadian Geographic is compiling the stories of Canadians living through the COVID-19 pandemic. Tell us yours.

Were you isolated after international travel? Have you been sick or did you have to undergo testing? Are you working from home in a not-so-normal environment?

Has your neighbourhood done something to bring the street together even while maintaining physical distancing? How is your family managing to stay connected during these uncertain times?

Whatever your story is, we want to know what you’re going through. Even if it seems like no big deal, share with us

We’re collecting stories and photos from Canadians all over the country through an easy Google Form, or you can email us to tell us what you’re going through.

All we’re asking for is your story in your own words, a photo of you or your family and permission to share that story with our Can Geo audience. 

Find the Google Form here

Email us here


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