Met Con Blue, Sir!

Bring it ... and leave it all on the mountain
  • Apr 30, 2013
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There’s the Fast Food Nation, and then there’s the Met Con Nation. One was raised on fries, burgers and super-sized soft drinks, the other was born to unleash the burn and the afterburn, to squat, sprint, jump, climb, roll and, apparently, to get very dirty in the process.

Met con — metabolic conditioning. Simply put, it’s all about training your body to increase the storage and delivery of energy for any activity. It’s about recovering quickly from the short bursts, maintaining for the long haul and triggering “a metabolic ripple effect that will burn fat for many hours after the workout.” It’s about discipline. It’s about working hard and playing hard. And at Ontario’s Blue Mountain Resort, June 15 is the day of race reckoning. It’s also the perfect day for a met con soldier to shine.

Your mission? A 5-km race course carved from 280 hectares of Canadian Shield and featuring 15 obstacles described by organizers as gruelling, hard-core and body-beating. Just how gruelling? You’re obliged to sign a waiver swearing that you understand you may encounter smoke, water, mud pits, barbed wire, minor electrical exposure, steep and slippery inclines and descents and possibly more. Swimming? Not in the 5-km race. Perhaps a little breath holding, a little flirtation with hypothermia in something called The Cold Plunge. But “a commanding grasp of swimming” and no issues with claustrophobia? That’s for overachievers taking part in this year’s all-new 10-km Full Metal Jacket. Enough said.

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On race day, individuals and teams are issued dog tags and released in scheduled waves. The rest is up to how well you’ve trained. Speaking of that, organizers have scheduled pre-race training programs at Blue Mountain for 2013. It never hurts to learn firsthand what you’re up against.

As for the rest? Bring your best mud-resistant gear, and prepare for the extreme race of your life. And afterwards, slake that post-metabolic-ripple thirst at the beer tent as you wait for the awards ceremony. You deserve it.

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